How to Build and Send Massive Email List

Need More Leads or Traffic to Your Website?

Get Thousands Of Businesses Information, Including Name, Address, Email , Phone Number and Website All Verified


How to Make $1000 Per Month on Fiverr with my Course!

The Email List is the Key to Well Rounded Internet Marketing.

Advanced Curriculum

Module 1 Lead List Builder Search Tools


  • Let's Get Started
  • 10 % Off Link (Recommended Lead Finder)
  • How to use Single Search in Business Search Tool
  • How to use Bulk Search in Business Search Tool
  • Quick Tips and Trick For Bulk Search
  • Adding State Abbreviation Bulk Search
  • Quick Update on Bulk Search
  • Alphabetical List of Every State Link
  • How to Save Time Cleaning List by Using Filters
  • Submit Questions

Module 2 - Another Bulk Lead Generation Tool


  • Link
  • Another Bulk Email Generator

Module 3 - Several Additional Lookup Tools


  • 2nd Tool to Lookup Business Search Tool
  • 3rd Tool To Look Up Business Info (This One Targets New Business, Owners Name and Cell Phone Number and Contact info)
  • Free LinkedIn Personal or Business Bulk Extractor, Verify and Sender (yup Email Sender) SNV
  • Farming Emails From LinkedIn
  • Farming Emails From Linkedin 2
  • Another Lookup on LinkedIn (example)
  • Other Popular Lead Scrapers
  • Scraping Urls Deeper than 1st Email

Module 4 - Final Step - Verifying Email List Process For Clean Leads (No Bounces)


  • Using to Get Contact Names and Verify Emails (Recommended)
  • Link
  • How to use Excel to Clean List For Clients
  • How to Clean and Manipulate Excel Documents
  • How to Remove Blanks and Merge Cells
  • Link To Verify Email List (FREE)
  • How to Clean & Verify Lead Addresses
  • Submit Questions

Module 5 - Cold Lead Templates Tools


  • How to Write Cold Email Using My Cheat Sheet
  • Cold Email Cheat Sheet
  • Most Important Cold Email Tips!
  • The Art of Sending Emails to Cold Leads & Templates
  • More Email Templates
  • Great Tool for Rewriting Emails

Module 6 - Website Email Extractor Tool


  • Website Email Extractor Link
  • How to Use Website Extractor Tool
  • Website Email Extractor #2

Module 7 - How to Make Big Money Selling Email List


  • Planting the Seeds
  • Timeline Copy For Free Emails
  • List of Business Niches
  • How to Sell Email List
  • Ways to Sell You Lists

Module 8 - Understanding the Process of Email Delivery


  • Exactly How Emails Works – Steps and Explanation
  • What Not to Do When Sending Bulk Email!
  • Email Greylisting. How does greylisting work?

Module 9 - Bulk Email Auto Responders

  • Links to Email Auto Responders
  • Submit Questions

Module 10 - How to Send Bulk Email Lists! Bulk Email Sender #1


  • Sending Limits
  • Setting up a G Mass Account
  • Setting Up a G Suite Account
  • Setting Up G Mass to G Suite Account
  • How to Send Bulk Email With Gmass
  • Connecting and SMTP Account for G Mass and Why?
  • Setting Up Bulk Email Campaign With
  • Forwarding Emails to Your Main Email From Gmail,Gmass,GSuite

Module 11 - Bulk Email Sender #2


  • Link Send Bulk Email
  • Sender #2 To Send Bulk Email

Module 12 - Bulk Email Sender #3 (added 05/29/2019)


  • Bulk Sender Link (Recommended)
  • Setting Up Campaign From Start to Finish on (New Bulk Sender)

Coming Soon Module 13 - Bulk Email Sender # 4

  • Link - Email Text and Facebook Messenger (Coming Soon)
  • How to Send Bulk Email With

Module 14 - Tool to Find Anyone's Info


  • Bonus: Look up Anyone

Module 15 - Blacklist Ip Checker

  • What is My Ip Address - Blacklist Checker Link
  • Blacklist Checkers

Module 16 - Check Your Emails with Spam. Best Spam Checking Links

  • Spam Email Checker Link
  • The Best Spam and 3rd Party Email Monitoring Tool (Free)

Module 17 - Checking Your Sender Reputation


  • Google Spam Checker and Ip Reputation Checker
  • Check Your Sender Reputation

Module 18 - Why Cold Email is not Illegal!

  • Why Cold Email is NOT Illegal!

Module 19 - How to Make $1000 or More With Fiverr!


  • Making Money on Fiverr List Building
  • The Step by Step Process For Fiverr Success
  • Platforms to get Work Building Lists

Thanks For Completing the Course - Finished Now Go Make Some Cash!


  • Completion
  • Free Access to the Mastermind Group

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